Today has been lovely and sunny so we’ve been making the most of it down at the beach! The surf was the best it’s been so far so Sam’s been catching a lot of waves and I’ve been taking a lot of videos!

surfing in Batu Karas
More sunbathing and more surfing

While I was waiting for Sam to catch a wave worth filming, I noticed another one of these dragonflies that I drew on the beach the other day. They really are eye-catching with their black and yellow colouring.

batu karas beach
Funky coloured dragonfly

There are lots of crabs on the beach which scuttle back down their holes when you approach them. For about 30cm around their holes are lots of neat little balls of sand arranged in some very intricate looking patterns. It’s a shame their artwork is all washed away by the surf!

Batu karas beach
Patterns in the sand made by crabs
I tried many times to take a good photo of a wave, but I think this is the best one, I like the spray with the headland in the background.
batu karas beach
Wave breaking on Batu Karas beach

Now for my creative output today! Over at Creative Tuesdays there’s a two weekly drawing feature with one word for inspiration, this time it was candy (or sweets as I’m British!). This is my doodled contribution, not particularly inspired I know, but I have no sweets to hand! I promise my next entry will be better!

Sweets doodle

This is the sketch I did on the beach this morning, I think it needs some water adding to make the paint run to give some shadow – that’s tomorrow’s job!

Batu Karas beach
Batu Karas Beach, Java
I’ll leave you with this picture of a spider in it’s web which has been hanging around outside our bungalow for the whole time we’ve been here!
Batu Karas
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sweet drawing. though I have no idea what smarties taste like, I don’t think I have even heard of them.

hope you have a great day.

Visiting from Creative Tuesdays – This is a post full of ‘eye candy’ for me. Wow, so much interest packed into one piece. I’ve never seen crab ‘markings’ like that before, and that spider would have been ‘moved along’ by me for sure, *shudder* is right! Haha. Your comic strip is awesome, your beach drawing very cool, and your sweets are sweet (I’m british too). The photo with the ea spray is fabulous and the dragonfly SUPERb!
Hmm, I think I love the whole post! :0)

Well, Clare, I don;t think you need to worry there at all. This is brilliant. Love it and of course love the smarties! how I ever weaned myself off them, I have no idea. Anyway, a wonderfully fun entry. Can;t wait for your next adn am so glad you are coming back again too! You are very talented indeed. Thank you for joining in! So glad you found us here.

BTw, do please keep your CT entry as its own post so we can all find it and maintain brand equity too for our lil co-op. Thanks!

P.S. Love your lil cartoon strip of the day. clever and witty too in a simply life is good way.

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