Hope you’ve all had a lovely, sunny bank holiday weekend! We’ve been at home for this one and it’s been good to chill out and make the most of living in North Devon.

I’ve also been working on an illustration commission for a children’s book by author Judy Dixon. It’s a spooky halloween scene complete with pumpkin, spooky branches and two plotting witches!

children's book illustration

Here are a few progress photos taken at different stages. It’s quite a bit further on than this now, I just need to illustrate the title and overlay digitally.

children's book illustration

Above is the bit I was most nervous about, getting the background gradient right, avoiding streaks and blotches which are such easy mistakes to make with watercolour.

I’m happy with the result though, so after leaving to dry it was on with painting the detail.

children's book illustration

I’ll hopefully have finished completely by next weekend!

I’ve also started working on a map which is to be the internal cover illustration across two pages. Maps are one of my favourite things to draw, and this one has lots of lovely detail to keep me busy!

I videoed the first stages of inking on Sam’s new camera – this  is the result!

So far it looks like this. Quite chaotic at the moment, but once there’s some colour on to define the trees and landmarks, it should start looking like a map!

illustrated map

52 Faces

Thought I’d choose one of the most well-known faces in the celebrity world to draw this week – Brad Pitt! He always reminds me of my secondary school Spanish teacher who used him as a subject for every example sentence!

miniature drawing of brad pitt

I don’t think it’s the greatest likeness but I was a bit pushed for time last week!

miniature drawing of brad pitt

Thanks for stopping by, see you next week!

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Oooh i love your spooky forest picture, it will add so much to the author’s story, i’m sure she’s going to be thrilled with it. Your new map looks so fun too, i really look forward to seeing it all finished! x

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