Well, what a relaxing day in Batu Karas! I’ve spent most of it sunbathing and reading a book while Sam’s been surfing and we went for a couple of walks too. Just had a great thunderstorm too (I love a good storm!).
comic strip
What holidays are all about

(Sorry about the quality of this photo, I would take another one but I’m seizing the opportunity to use the internet when it’s working quickly!)

We’re staying in a lovely bungalow with a great garden to sunbathe in.
Sunbathing in the garden
While I was sitting on the veranda I did a sketch of what I could see. I’m planning on colouring it in when I get around to it. It took quite a long time, there are a lot of lines going on there!
line drawing
Line drawing of the garden

What I was drawing

line drawing
The drawing and the view together

 Sam snapped this photo of me by the beach after a long sunbathing session!

I love the boats here, they’re all painted lovely colours and they look so interesting with all the fishing equipment in them. I’m going to have to sketch one while I’m here.

Batu Karas
Batu Karas

Here’s where I spent most of my day!

The beach in Batu Karas

I did a couple of sketches over the last few days which I couldn’t upload due to the internet speed so here they are now!

This one’s a strange one! The Every Day in May challenge for 26th May was ‘draw a screw’, so here’s mine.

line drawing
Draw a screw

While in the airport waiting for our flight I did another sneaky drawing of a fellow passenger. Nice headband!

I did a quick line drawing of my open bag. That dog-type thing is a cute pencil case which Sam gave me as a birthday present.

line drawing
Line drawing

I couldn’t be bothered to colour this next one in completely, so I settled for just shading the little platform thingy in the sea.

fishing Batu Karas
Fishing platform

line drawing
Page of my sketchbook

We’re just about to tuck into a delicious evening meal at a lovely beachside cafĂ©, so I’ll leave you with one more photo snapped on the bus on the way here. Looks a lot like Vietnam we think!

Rice paddies in Java
Rice paddies in Java
PS. It’s still not too late to vote for my drawing in the Doodler’s Anonymous competition! Please head over to the submissions page here and click on the star next to ‘faves’ to vote for me! 
PPS. Sorry I haven’t replied to any recent comments, when I’ve got more reliable internet I promise I’ll write back to all of you!

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