It’s been a beautiful day here in Devon, the sun’s been shining and we’ve been out for a lovely meal at the Clavelshay Barn near Taunton. If you’re ever in the area, you really must visit; it’s in a pretty spot by the river and the food is delicious!

Last week I finished a papercut heart for my Auntie. Here’s how it started life…

papercut heart design

 …and here it is finished, many hours later!

papercut heart design

I’m not sure what colour my Auntie will choose for the background, but I’ve shown it here on red for Valentine’s day.

My Auntie requested that it feature lady birds, hearts, butterflies and the word love; can you spot them all?

Here are a few close ups to help.

papercut heart design The heart is in the middle of an A4 piece of thin card. It’s almost as high as the card is wide.

I’ve now got another commission for a wedding present which I’m really excited about! It’ll feature the bride and groom’s names, their wedding date and a couple of little things representing their hobbies hidden in amongst the flowers.

I’ll leave you with these photos of Westward Ho! taken yesterday and this evening. I love the vibrant green of the grassy tussocks against the sky.

estuary at westward ho

puddle in the carpark at westward ho

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Wow the amount of detail in this is incredible and I imagine that one slip of the knife could so easily ruin such a delicate piece this is really stunning and I think it’s a brilliant idea as a wedding gift. You’ll be inundated with requests for more once they see the finished piece.

This is beautiful. It’s also subtle which I like. Especially the ‘love’ word. It’s just there without shouting. Found the butterfly and ladybird quite easily. The heart took a little longer …

So beautiful! I like to cut paper, but your work surpasses my skill and patience by many miles! You make me want to cut some paper though 🙂
The turfs look so inviting to me!
I’m visiting from Manon’s paper saturday and might come back to you for more inspiration.

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