In between commissions, trying to start Christmas shopping and one thing and another, I’ve not had any time to update my blog for a couple of weeks, but finally, I’ve got around to it!

I really wanted to share this portrait of my son, the only picture I’ve painted of him so far, besides a little biro sketch about a year ago.

Watercolour portrait of a toddler child

I am so happy with the result. It’s definitely one for the wall, however it’s still wedged in a history book to keep it flat until I find time to frame it!

When the reference photo was taken, Munchkin was sat in one of those car rides that you find outside supermarkets. He loves them at the moment as you can see from his smile! Walking past an arcade can take half an hour as he needs to sit in every single one!

I haven’t got much more to say about this piece, except that I videoed the whole process to make into a speed painting video which you can view below if you are interested.

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