Hello everyone! This week I have been starting to think about Christmas and thought it would be good to get organised with my Christmas cards. I came up with a few watercolour designs and have enjoyed experimenting with mixing colours and trying to achieve the effect of glowing light.

There’s a cheerful pair of snowmen enjoying a moment beneath the mistletoe…

watercolour christmas card designs

…a plump little robin in the snow…

watercolour christmas card designs

…and a Christmas tree surrounded by piles of presents!

watercolour christmas card designs

I’ve drawn up some others ready to paint this evening. I think I’ll probably mount them on Christmassy colours and stick them onto cards.

watercolour christmas card designs

A while ago I was asked by an old school friend if I could do a watercolour painting of her parents’ house. I’m aiming to get it finished for Christmas, in between working on my map commission for Le Boat. Below are a few of my initial watercolour sketches to try out a couple of different techniques.

watercolour house portrait

I’m not particularly confident using watercolours, so have been looking at how other artists mix and overlay colours. I’m hoping that I can learn something while doing this commission!

watercolour house commission

I’m not sure whether to go for a black outline yet or not, I think I’ll have to try a few more sketches before making up my mind.

watercolour house commission

That’s it for today! I’m off to make risotto for tea before settling down with my watercolours for the evening 🙂

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Aww i just love your little robin! The watercolours are so beautiful too, i definitely don’t think you need to worry about your technique! 🙂

I love the watercolour of your friends house. Its beautiful! I also love that cute robin but also the picture of the little girl making a snow angel is adorable!

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