I can’t believe it’s Sunday again! How are the weeks going past so quickly? It only seems like yesterday that I was sat here writing last week’s blog post.

It seems like time is something I have very little of at the moment. Summer weekends are booked up with hen parties, weddings and birthdays and weekdays flash by in a blur of work, commissions and sleep! I’d just like to press the pause button and spend a little time doing nothing once in a while.

That said, this weekend has been fairly relaxing. Sam’s been away on a stag do, so my parents came up and we all went to Bude. Dad and I spent the day painting while my Mum wandered around the shops, did a bit of crochet and even had a swim in the sea (rather her than me!).

Here is the result of my day of painting.

watercolour painting bude

I’m disappointed that it looks quite flat. I think the shadows need to be darker and highlights lighter to make it look like the sunny day it was.

watercolour painting bude

I think my favourite part of it is the wall at the bottom which I think does look like it’s been caught by the light.

pink house in bude

I’ve also been working on some ideas for the new illustrated map commission I wrote about last week. This little map of Toulouse is a bit too detailed for the project, but it was fun to do and has helped with the style of the map I’ll be designing.

illustrated map of toulouse

It was nice to sketch a bit more loosely than I normally work.

illustrated map of toulouse

illustrated map of toulouse

I’ve also been working on my adult colouring book, this is the latest page in progress.

adult colouring book

If you enjoy colouring I have a couple of pages for sale in my Etsy shop and I will, at some point, be sending an email update to those of you who have subscribed to my enewsletter (there’ll be a little freebie thrown in too!).

52 Faces

I’ve just realised that I’ve already drawn the subject of this week’s portrait, so there will just have to be two George Clooneys among my 52 faces. I think I can deal with that.

George Clooney

I keep leaving these portraits until the last minute and don’t think they’re as good as the ones I did at the beginning of the year. I’ve lost a little enthusiasm for the project, but am determined not to give up! I’m half way now!

miniature portrait of george clooney

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I just love your way of painting 🙂
The house in Bude is just beautiful,
I love the map of Toulouse (have to
give that a try with my island here:)
and the mini George is just perfect :))

Have a beautiful Sunday!
Tinna ✐

What wonderful projects!!! You’re painting really is lovely, light is such a hard thing to capture sometimes but I must say your wall really does afab job!!
Can’t wait to see your colouring book, you seen to be very in demand!!!

You are sooo talented.The watercolour is lovely.I love that wall too .I do not agree about your 52 faces project.It looks fantastic to me and so does the map.Wow ,wow and wow.:-)

I love the painting of Bude, the wall is stunning with the light and shade, brilliant. Keep at it with the mini faces as they are so good, you will get there.

The bude house is a stunner and your paintings have captured it wonderfully. The wall with the light hitting is superb, love it! 🙂


your pink building is wonderful
i would not have thought of changing it at all
but you talking about it made me look at it differently
sometimes i like to take pencil after the painting to enhance shadows and a white pen for highlights
such a great map too.

Your work is just so lovely, the map project looks exciting.
And we are always happy to see George again so no worries about a little duplication!

Isn’t it amazing how fast the weeks fly by?! 🙂 Your house illustration is lovely. Love the windows! Also loving your maps – something I would love to get into but not sure how. Yours are so awesome! Hope you’re having a wonderful week! 🙂 xx

Such a vast array of projects! I enjoyed looking at the watercolor of Bude, a wonderful way to remember the day spent with your dad painting. The map has a fun whimsical touch which I truly like. I am in awe of the detail you have put in the coloring book..

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