I’m just catching my breath from a really busy weekend! We’ve been to the races, had the first barbecue of the year, had a night out, visited my Grandad, eaten pizza with friends, been to the beach, eaten our body weight in chocolate and almost finished making my sister’s wedding invitations – it’s been hectic to say the least! I hope that everyone has had a fun-filled Easter too and is feeling as full of chocolate as I am!

Watercolour seascape painting

Today has been the only day I’ve had time to do anything ‘arty’, so when Sam suggested going to Buck’s Mill, I took my watercolours along too. It’s been a beautiful day here, so I sat and painted while Sam tried (and failed) to catch a fish.

watercolour seascape painting

I’m fairly pleased with how it’s turned out, although I think the foreground is a little busy with all of the rocks. I feel like it needs a bit more work to define the shapes some more and stop it looking like a mess of brown colour!

watercolour seascape painting

Buck's Mill, North Devon

It was lovely to be able to finally sit outside and not get too cold! I haven’t really done much painting al fresco, so it made a nice change.

watercolour seascape painting

Doodle in progress

During the week I had the urge to doodle, so I started this fishy scene! I was inspired by an illustration commission I’ve been working on recently.

doodle art

I’m not sure it will ever get finished though, because I’ve just bought myself some pads of Bristol board and I don’t think I can wait to fill them with doodles!

52 faces

The subject of my miniature portrait this week was chosen because he seems to be the man of the moment. It’s Poldark’s Aidan Turner, and let’s just say it wasn’t too unpleasant staring at his face for a couple of hours!

Aiden Turner pencil portrait

I think this is one of my better miniatures – I’m building up quite a collection now!

Aiden Turner pencil portrait

I hope I’ve done him justice because I know he’s got a lot of fans out there!

Aiden Turner pencil portrait

Finally, I have to admit something. You know my entry for the BBC’s Little Painting Challenge? Well, I forgot to submit it. After all that work and all your great advice, I noticed it sitting on the side on Wednesday night when the deadline was Thursday. What a numpty!

Never mind, I’m sure they’ll do another one next year and I’ll be a bit more organised!

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don’t you just hate it when THAT “happens”..?! — Then again, who knows, it might’ve been for the best… This way, you get to see Their “judging” criteria WITHOUT having to be the one on the receiving end! And, can readjust your strategies for NEXT time…
Meanwhile, don’t sweat it. We ALL **LOVE** your Work “HERE”!! — BTW, you pretty much already had me “purchasing-art-in-the-car-park” at “BEACH”!

Your seascape is really beautiful, even with the messyness in the foreground 🙂 Also I love the idea with the miniature faces, it is pretty awesome, and this one really looks amasing 😀 I hope you have a wunderful weekend 🙂

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