Happy New Year everyone! It seems that despite my best intentions in my last post, I haven’t actually managed to blog at all since November…oops! Perhaps 2017 will see me posting a little more frequently.

To get back in the groove, I thought I’d share some little watercolour paintings I’ve been working on. This first one was inspired by Holly Exley. If you don’t know her, you’re missing out! She’s a fantastic illustrator/vlogger who combines inspirational chat and snippets of her daily life with time lapse videos of the illustrations she’s working on. I urge you to hurry over to her YouTube channel and you’ll soon be watching her videos back to back!

I tried to use a few of her techniques to paint this watercolour succulent, such as under-painting the outlines in the correct colours to get a feel for how they work together before jumping in head first with blocks of colour. I think it did help me get to grips with the painting, but then my layers let me down. I struggled to keep the translucency because I built up too many layers. I felt I had to add some coloured pencil to get back some of the definition I’d lost through over working it.

watercolour succulent - botanical illustration

It was a learning curve and I’m itching to try another one already!

The following are just quick little paintings from my art journal. If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know that I find it very hard to loosen up which can result in my work lacking character. In my art journal I’m really trying to do quick pieces that I don’t think about too much.

toy illustration - watercolour

Most of the paintings are my little Munchkin’s toys – partly because they’re illustrations for the memories they accompany, but also because I want to work more from real life, and if there’s one thing not lacking in my house at the moment, it’s toys!

toy illustration - watercolour

toy illustration - ballpoint pen

toy illustration - watercolour

As you may have guessed, I’m a bit fond of succulents at the moment! Sam grew these from the ‘pups’ (yep, that’s the botanical term!) of a large one.

toy illustration - watercolour

That funny pink thing at the bottom of the photo above is a ‘sing-a-ma-jig’. Look up a video of one – you’ll want one of your own!

watercolour illustration

I did the last painting above using watercolour pencils as I was given some for Christmas. It’s been a very long time since I used them and this was a bit of an experiment!

That’s all for today, I’ll try not to leave it as long before I post again 🙂

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Your illustrations are so sweet, what a lovely way to capture memories.
I’ve always taken babies from the mother succulent plant but never knew they were called pups! Learn something new every day, thanks .

Ohhhh all of these are just excellent. However, the succulent is outstanding. You really captured it perfectly. I too have some watercolor pencils. I tried them out yesterday and I will agree it is a learning curve. Well for me anyway. LOL

These illustrations are gorgeous!! Those little toys brought back memories for me. So adorable. And that plant! Wonderful work. Happy New Year to you! Here’s to making and sharing lots of art. xo

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