Today’s post comes to you from a brand spanking new, bright pink laptop! I’ve had my old one for seven years and have suffered its slowness for far too long, so the beginning of a new year seemed like the perfect time to treat myself to a new one. It should make things like designing paper cutting templates a lot quicker and easier.

Speaking of which, a while ago I designed some paper cut wedding card templates but have only just finished cutting them all out. I decided that I wanted to package them up as a bundle of four templates, as the Christmas bauble designs which I sold on Etsy seemed popular as a set.

I have finally finished listing them in my Etsy shop, which, what with taking photos, writing a description and filling in the rest of the details, actually takes quite a long time! If you fancy having a go at your own wedding papercuts, please show me how you get on as I love to see how the templates are used.

The program I use to design all of my paper cutting templates is Inkscape. It’s free to download but does take a bit of practice to get your head around how to use it!

I haven’t really played around with infills before, but with this flowery heart template I thought it would be a good opportunity to give it a go. The result is very pretty, but I’m not sure I have the patience for too many infills!

In other news, if you read my blog last week you’ll know that one of my New Year’s resolutions was to get my ears pierced a second time. Well, I decided that it was now or never, so I went to Claire’s accessories in Barnstaple on Saturday and got them done. I can’t remember the first time I got my ears pierced so I wasn’t sure how much pain to expect, but it didn’t hurt much at all! I’m now really looking forward to all the earring combos I can try (very sad, I know!). This is a little watercolour sketch to remember this momentous occasion! I’m sharing this one for Paint Party Friday.

One of my other New Year’s Resolutions was to draw a miniature portrait each week, so number two is Stephen Fry, who, as you’ve probably heard, got engaged to his partner this week. For those of you who aren’t from the UK, Stephen Fry is a comedian and presenter, and a very intelligent man.

I’ve also been busy making some slippers this weekend from an old jumper, but I think I’ll save that story for another day.

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Gorgeous papercut ideas as usual Clare. All I need now is to know someone who is getting married to try one out!!!! I’m sure they will be very popular especially with Spring and Summer weddings coming up. I really like the effect created with the infills 🙂

Your paper cut images are fabulous, I particularly love the one of the couple. Fab drawing of Stephen Fry too. My teenage daughter has had her ears pierced 3 times at Claire’s, I think it’s a much better experience now than it was for me in the 70’s! Lol xx

LOVE the templates Clare – especially the heart with the words. I thought of your amazing work this weekend as I cut a really simple card for my cousins new baby with his name, date and weight. Nothing like your intricate stuff but not too shabby!

The wedding papercuts are lovely. I really like the car one, though it looks like it has some fiddly cutting. Slippers from jumpers sound very interesting, can’t wait to see.

Your paper-cutting is absolutely wonderful. How long does it take you to cut out all of that amazing detail?! Love your journal page. I’ve been doing one daily as well and so far, I’ve been able to keep up! 😀 Wishing you a beautiful week. 🙂

Beautiful papercut designs, i especially like the couple under the arch – sooooo pretty! It sounds like you’ve had a girlie week with your lovely new pink laptop and earring ready ears 🙂 x

p.s. great likeness of Stephen Fry!

What a wonderful post, so many wonderful things happening. Your paper cut outs look amazing. I love the painting of you having your ears pierced. Did you manage to get out of the shop without buying new earrings? I am so impressed with your sketches, Stephen Fry looks amazing and I’m looking forward to hearing about your sweater slippers.
Ali xx

Love the portrait of Stephen Fry! Didn’t even know he had a partner. I read his autobiography and he acted like he wasn’t that interested in sex. Guess he’s had a change of heart! Good on him. Love your papercuts. I don’t understand how you do them. Do you use a Stanley knife? Must be time consuming. The results are fab though. Happy PPF!

Impressive work and post Clare…I love hearing all this chat from you!! Congratulations on getting your ears pierced once again! I got double piercings on both ears above the original one in the seventies…I was one of the first to have it done… my husband was so angry but once I stood my ground telling him they were my ears… he bought me four diamonds for them that we couldn’t afford at the time. Thankfully I was able to take them back that was the stipulation of him buying the diamonds. You could never do that today for sanitary reasons!! I remember how exciting it was to have them done…and how much the top ones hurt. I couldn’t sleep on my ears for a whole year!! lol Thankfully you didn’t get the top one done!! Next is the nose….I got that done at fourty!

Love all the artwork…those wedding cut outs are so awesome and creative…I am also amazed at the sweet small portraits just gorgeous!! I can’t wait to see the slippers you’re making!! What a talent you are!! Thanks for sharing so much of yourself…nice to get to know you a bit better!

Hugs Giggles

Lovely papercuts, I love the pretty colours you’ve used as backgrounds. I’m also a Stephen Fry fan, in fact I’m listening to a copy of QI as I’m typing 🙂
Jan x

Wow! You accomplish at lot this week and two resolutions to boot(an American expression meaning Also, I believe). I can’t imagine how you cut these out? Do you program a special machine? they seem so intricate that they would rip unless you were very careful when removing them from a “cutter”??!

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