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I have been thinking about moving my blog over to a self-hosted WordPress website for a long time now, and today it’s finally happened!

It is far from finished in terms of appearance and organisation etc. but I’ve managed to import all of my posts from my old blog and (fingers crossed) redirect seamlessly. If you are a regular reader of my blog, please leave me a comment below, if only just to say that I haven’t lost you in the move!

I have some really lovely comments each week from lots of regular readers, so I really hope I haven’t cut anyone off by accident.

I was planning to publish a tutorial this week, but I think I’ll save that for next Sunday as I’ve just spent the last couple of hours working on getting this website to the stage it’s at now.

52 faces

Instead I’ll leave you with a little pencil portrait drawing I did this week as part of my 52 faces challenge for 2015. We’ve watched a couple of films featuring Anne Hathaway recently, so I thought she could be my subject for face number three!

Pencil drawing of Anne Hathaway

When I’d first drawn it I was really pleased, then I looked at it again the next day and wasn’t so convinced. My lovely Facebook followers have reassured me that it does look like her, so I’m happy again now.

Pencil drawing of Anne Hathaway

I’m sharing this post on the following blogs: Paint Party FridayThe Queen of Creativity, Handmade Harbour and Blue Chair Diary Illustrations!


Yay! Thanks Dad, it works then! Still needs quite a bit of tweaking here and there, not sure I’m completely happy with the layout yet…

New site looks fab honey! Well done! Takes such a long time to work out the WordPress stuff doesn’t it! I’ve just done a new site for my crafty what nots and had to relearn it all again! I forgot how complicated it is. Love the header image xxx

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