I have a lot of things on the go at the moment! This is what my workdesk floor, looks like right now:


In this photo I’ve smudged out what I’m working on as it will hopefully (if I finish it!) be a present for a friend. I’ve not got much further than cutting out the seagull paintings I did last week, so framing them is another thing on my list of things to do. On the right of the photo is a quick ink pen sketch I did today in my lunchbreak.

I did manage to finish one thing! A seaside inspired coaster which I hope to make some more of over the next few weeks.


As I haven’t got too much to share with you today I thought I’d dig out some of my old work. This is a painting I did 6 years ago (wow, that long ago?) of a fishing boat in Teignmouth. It’s acrylic paint on acrylic paper.

Looking at this has made me want to get my acrylics out again!

I painted this little crab in Costa Rica in 2011. We were intrigued by them as they’re so feisty! Instead of running away when you walk up to them they’ll confront you snapping their pincers. In one forest we walked through there were literally hundreds of them!

watercolour crab

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Your paintings are beautiful! I dodge between watercolor and acrylic myself, but I usually end up going back to watercolors! You can’t beat the fluidity.

Fan-freakin’tastic Claire. The boat are crab are exquisite and I adore the coaster 😀
So glad to see you here again on WOYWW. 😀

In answer to your question on mine…. ‘fussy cutting’ is using tiny snips/scissors and going close edge right round an image and not leaving a white border. The cutting alters on each image for 3D work so that you cut out successive pieces of the closest parts of the image and make them stick out on pop dots or silicone…’Decoupage’ 😀


IKE in Greece xx #58

Your paintings are so fantastic!! Love them. Wish I could draw just anything LOL I definitely can’t, that’s why I’ve been so happy to discover stamping a few years ago. You do great work there. Suzanne

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