You might have noticed that I’ve really been enjoying using watercolours lately. I’ve been experimenting with different techniques, outlines and processes and feel like I’m making real headway with my pieces.

I have been working on building my portfolio so that potential clients can get a feel for my style and the type of illustrations I like to do.

Over the past week or so I’ve been working on some wildlife illustrations, using the book ‘Animal’ by Ted Smart and images found on Google as a reference.

I normally photograph my work to put on my blog, but this time I’ve scanned each illustration and put them on a white background so that they’re more representative of something you may see in a magazine or book.

Tortoises are one of my favourite animals – they just look so wise and enjoy a slow, relaxing pace of life. I had a discussion on my Facebook page about how to say ‘tortoise’. I say ‘tort-oyz’ but have been mocked by my boyfriend, who says ‘tort-us’. I was vindicated though, as other people confirmed they do say it like me!

wildlife animal illustration tortoise

I thought this little guy was cute so I decided to paint him! I’m not sure about the way I’ve ‘cut out’ the whiskers when I removed the background though, I think I need to work on that.

wildlife animal illustration rabbit

Ever since Sam and I visited Newquay zoo a few years ago, I’ve loved otters! Their friendly little faces make me smile and the ones we saw were adorably small.

wildlife animal illustration otter

I saw another artist’s painting of shells and loved it, so thought I’d have a go. I chose lots of different colours and tried to add depth to my painting with lots of layers and glazing.

wildlife animal illustration shells

Here’s what they look like in my sketchbook.

wildlife animal illustration

wildlife illustration shell

wildlife illustration shell

wildlife illustration shell

I also made these shells into a pattern which I’ve uploaded to RedBubble so you can buy items with my design printed on them! It’s the first time I’ve done this and it’s very cool. I receive a percentage of each sale, so if you like the design and fancy owning something with it on, please take a look in my RedBubble shop.

she sells seashells cup

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These are awesome. It’s funny, as I was looking at the shell images I was just thinking these would be great on home furnishing or something similar, then I scroll down and see you have done exactly that. the mug is beautiful, what a lovely idea.

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