A sweaty day in Kubah National Park

After missing the bus to Kubah National Park yesterday morning, today we made sure that we were at the bus station 20 minutes early! This also gave us the chance to buy some yummy nibbles for our walk from a stall selling all sorts of fried fancies.

The bus took us to within 400 metres of the entrance of the park, then the uphill trek began!

Kubah National Park

Kubah National Park
A very tiring day, my poor feet!

All day I was on the look out for plants and animals to add to my sketch book. I was amazed by the amount of different plants there were in the jungle and decided to draw a page of the most interesting ones we saw along the way. The intricate leaves remind me of the patterns used in Zentangles. I’ll post a few of my own Zentangles up one day.

leaf drawings
Leaf drawings

There was one strange flower (?) right on the path, it felt a lot like foam.

Kubah National Park
It was about two thirds my height!

Kubah National Park
A giant spider plant?
We also saw some very strange creatures! I sketched a couple of them. This big fly with blue wings was about 3 cm. And if any of you know what this bizarre looking worm type thing is, please let me know!

pen and ink
Kubah National Park
This little dude curled tightly up in a ball when it saw us coming.

The waterfall was lovely. Luckily we’d remembered out swimming things so we took a cooling shower underneath it…amazing!

Kubah National Park
Waterfall at Kubah National Park

Some of my sketches from the past few weeks

I bought a sketchbook when we were leaving Hanoi and have enjoyed drawing little scenes from various places we’ve been.
We stayed for a week or so with Sam’s friend in Hanoi, who lives in the most luxurious looking house (compared to Hanoi standards!). I thought the steps leading up to the balcony made for an interesting composition.
Hanoi apartment
Balcony from a house in Hanoi.

Sometimes I just love drawing mess (which is just as well as I make enough of it!).

Hanoi apartment
Hanoi apartment

I saw this old bike in Penang, Malaysia and just knew I had to draw it!

Old bike in Penang and plants at Tropicana Inn, Perhentian Kecil

We spent a wonderful few days on Perhentian Kecil, just off the west coast of peninsula Malaysia. The water was transparent turquoise with coral reef and beautiful fish just off the coast and the beaches were beautiful. Ahhhhh!

Coral beach Perhentian Kecil
Coral Beach, Perhentian Kecil, Malaysia
Yesterday we had some Green Tea sweets that lasted about 10 minutes. Sam even described them as ‘the best sweets in the world’ – I’m not convinced!
Green Tea Candy
Green Tea Candy

I’ve just been brought a cup of tea so now I’m off to catch up on some zzzz’s after a tiring day! 

Welcome to my creative corner of the web

Firstly, let me introduce myself. I’m Clare, from Devon in England and I am an art and craft addict! I love any form of creating things from paper maché to knitting, from drawing and painting to sewing. In my opinion the best feeling in the world is that of finishing a project and being pleased with the end result. For that reason I have decided to set up this blog as a sort of diary for you all to follow my creative (and not so creative!) endeavors.

I would love to read your comments and suggestions for future projects.

So, I’ll start with a few pics of what I’ve been up to over the last few days. My boyfriend Sam and I are in Borneo at the moment, after travelling around a lot of Asia. I’ve started a comic strip ‘diary’ to document each day (although how long I’ll keep it up is anyone’s guess!)

One day in Kuala Lumpur

I saw a lady on a bus reading a comic book and thought it would be a great, creative way to keep a journal and nice to look back on in future. Let me know your thoughts!

Ribbon Stayyz
Our last day in peninsula Malaysia

Off to Sarawak, Borneo

 We took a short flight to Kuching in the region of Sarawak in Borneo.
Kuala Lumpur to Kuching
We flew from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching in Sarawak, Borneo

 A meeting with primates

After reading many positive reviews online about the Semenggoh Nature Reserve we decided to pay it a visit. It’s home to many rehabilitated Orangutans which were great fun to watch, despite the park being very touristy!
day trip to Semenggoh Nature Reserve
Afternoon in Semenggoh Nature Reserve watching orangutans
 followed by a huge seafood feast at Top Spot food court.

A very cultural day 

This morning we had every intention on going on a strenuous jungle hike, but our plans were scuppered when we missed the bus while buying water for the walk. Instead, we visited some museums and an art gallery in Kuching, which proved to be a very pleasant way of spending the afternoon. As always happens when looking at other peoples art, it got my creative juices flowing and I just regret having nothing but a pencil and ink pen with me!
Kuching Art Museum
Kuching Art Museum

Kuching museum
Kuching Museum
Kuching Museum
Kuching Museum

There was also a small aquarium with some very pretty fish! We particularly liked some orange specimens which appeared to have no tails!
Kuching aquarium
Heart shaped fish with no tails!

Kuching aquarium
Pretty silver fish with deep black eyes.

My Journal

I have an addiction to Pinterest. There, I said it. I can’t help myself; I sit for hours browsing other peoples amazing creations when really I should be making my own! Anyway, it’s also a great source of inspiration and there are SO many ideas that I want to try when I’m back home and have all my craft bits and bobs around me.
I came across the idea of art journaling so thought I’d give it a go. Having a bit of a stationary obsession as well, I resisted the urge to use a beautiful notebook given to me by a friend until this trip so I’d have some lovely memories to fill it with. Here’s a quick peek inside…
So, that concludes my first post. I hope you enjoyed it, I’m off to get some drawing in before dinner! Don’t forget to leave me your comments and ideas! Ciao for now.