It rains in paradise too!

I have a bumper post for you today! It’s been raining all day so I’ve had lots of time for drawing!

I finished my little sketchbook yesterday and I was so excited about starting a new one (sad I know)! But imagine my disappointment when I started drawing my comic book diary on the first fresh page of the new one, only to discover that the paper is terrible quality and sucks up my pen like a sponge! I haven’t got another one at the moment, so this’ll have to do!

Here’s yesterday’s comic strip diary entry.

surfing in batu karas
The mystery of the phantom volcano

We’re still not sure where the volcano came from and it wasn’t there today (or at least it wasn’t visible today)!

Here’s today’s comic strip diary entry.

surfing in batu karas
It rains in paradise too

I managed to take some photos of the little lizard on the tree yesterday. Unlike other lizards we’ve seen, this one didn’t seem particularly bothered by me being so close!

Batu karas
Here it is from another angle when it ran around the other side of the tree!
batu karas
I started a drawing a couple of days ago while sitting on the beach and decided it needed a bit of water added to create shadows by making the ink run. Here’s the finished painting. I was a little scared of adding any water or ink to the sea in case it made it into a splodgy black mess, so it still looks a bit bare.
batu karas beach
Batu Karas beach

I have yet to enter any drawings for Illustration Fridays, but I decided that today is the day. The inspiration word this week is ‘sweet’. Having already done a drawing of sweets for Creative Tuesdays I wanted to try something a bit different. So I interpreted ‘sweet’ as ‘cute’ and drew this little dude that we saw in Borneo.

This was my reference photo. 

I thought it was about time that I include a picture of Sam surfing, as he has been doing it A LOT! So here it is, taken my his own personal photographer!
Surfing batu karas
This next photo is of a potential new banner for the top of my blog. I wanted something hand drawn but haven’t had any particularly inspiring thoughts! Sam thinks this looks a little ‘busy’, I’m not sure either, what do you think?
From one end…

…and from the other end.

This morning, while it was raining, I got chance to finish this drawing I started. To be honest I got a bit bored, so it still looks a little unfinished!

couple pencil drawing

couple pencil drawing

couple pencil drawing

Then I moved on to some ink drawings! I wanted to check that my rubbish sketchpad would take water well, so I quickly sketched our camera to test it out.

camera line drawing
Line drawing

It seems to have turned out ok.

camera painting
Ink with water painted on.

 So then I went ahead and drew this pagoda which I’ve been wanting to draw since we saw it in Sibu, Borneo. Just to be safe though, I didn’t add any water!

Drawing in progress…

 I think it still needs a little something though!

The ‘finished’ drawing.

I’ll finish this mammoth post here with a photo of a dog on the beach!

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Sketching on the beach (and a belated creative Tuesdays contribution)

Today has been lovely and sunny so we’ve been making the most of it down at the beach! The surf was the best it’s been so far so Sam’s been catching a lot of waves and I’ve been taking a lot of videos!

surfing in Batu Karas
More sunbathing and more surfing

While I was waiting for Sam to catch a wave worth filming, I noticed another one of these dragonflies that I drew on the beach the other day. They really are eye-catching with their black and yellow colouring.

batu karas beach
Funky coloured dragonfly

There are lots of crabs on the beach which scuttle back down their holes when you approach them. For about 30cm around their holes are lots of neat little balls of sand arranged in some very intricate looking patterns. It’s a shame their artwork is all washed away by the surf!

Batu karas beach
Patterns in the sand made by crabs
I tried many times to take a good photo of a wave, but I think this is the best one, I like the spray with the headland in the background.
batu karas beach
Wave breaking on Batu Karas beach

Now for my creative output today! Over at Creative Tuesdays there’s a two weekly drawing feature with one word for inspiration, this time it was candy (or sweets as I’m British!). This is my doodled contribution, not particularly inspired I know, but I have no sweets to hand! I promise my next entry will be better!

Sweets doodle

This is the sketch I did on the beach this morning, I think it needs some water adding to make the paint run to give some shadow – that’s tomorrow’s job!

Batu Karas beach
Batu Karas Beach, Java
I’ll leave you with this picture of a spider in it’s web which has been hanging around outside our bungalow for the whole time we’ve been here!
Batu Karas
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More attempts at 3D drawing

So, last night we had a couple of visitors to our little bungalow! The first one was a cat which hurled itself at our window in pursuit of a huge bug which it then proceeded to chew up on the veranda! The second was a scrawny little dog with no fur who made some pitiful noises outside our door and ran away when we turned the light on. He’s around during the day too, we feel very sorry for the poor little guy!

Today we rented a moped and went on a little outing…

Out and about on a moped.

I had a go at riding it too! Driving it was fine, avoiding all the potholes was more difficult!

motorbike hire batu karas
Nice helmet

This is where we got stuck in the sand, ideal photo opportunity!

Batu Karas
Helmet heads

We had no idea there was such beautiful scenery just 10 minutes ride from where we’re staying.

Rice paddies, Batu Karas

This bamboo bridge is the only access to Cijulan, the nearest town which has shops and banks. Sam was afraid we’d end up in the river if we both went over on the bike together, so I had to walk.

bamboo bridge batu karas
Bamboo bridge, Batu Karas

This afternoon I decided to have another bash at 3D drawing. Then I got a bit carried away and drew a couple more!

This first one isn’t a 3D drawing, but it gave me the idea to use a marble as my subject.

pencil sketch
Marble pencil drawing

And here’s my 3D drawing, You can see that the sketchbook is at an angle but the marble still appears round. There’s a real marble there too for comparison.

tromp l'oeil
Here’s a close up, you can’t really see it’s 3D here because the photo is taken at an angle. In fact, the drawing is an oval. There’s the real marble again too.

tromp l'oeil
This is what it actually looks like on the page. The other drawing was inspired by the pinterest photo I put in yesterday’s post, scroll down to see how it looks in 3D.
tromp l'oeil
Seen from the side it looks like a hole in the paper, I was rather pleased with this one! (Ignore the marble, it doesn’t look great from this angle!)
3D drawing

I also finished the cup drawing I started. You may notice that the page is a bit dirty, that would be coffee from the spoon I used as a prop in the photos. Told you I got a little carried away! It looks elongated here, but viewed from the end it looks 3D.

I took a series of photos to ‘test’ the 3Dness, some are better than others!

I updated my travel diary too, here’s a little peak.
I’ll leave it there for tonight, that was a lot of photos to upload!
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A cat, a chat and a dog called Nacho

Well, I’m exhausted! Why is it that doing nothing is so tiring sometimes? I’ll need a holiday to get over this one!

surfing in Batu Karas
A cat, a chat and a dog called Nacho

Here’s the cat that features in my comic strip. He pinched Sam’s seat and stayed there very snug until the people next door started eating, then he dashed over there. Very fickle!

batu karas
Sam replacement

We took a few photos on our walk. Here’re some more of the boats, I just love the colours!

batu karas
There are fishing boats all along the seafront.

More boats

And more boats!

I finally finished the picture I’ve been drawing every morning! What do you think?

bonsai bungalows batu karas

bonsai bungalows batu karas

bonsai bungalows batu karas
Compare the view!

I also got around to trying something I’ve been meaning to try for ages, inspired by this photograph I found on pinterest:

It’s a 3D drawing which looks like it’s jumping out of the page when viewed at an angle. Here’s my attempt, needs a bit of work yet!
It looks all stretched out when viewed normally.
The drawing from straight on
Drawing viewed from the end.

It needs a lot more shading but I think I’ve got the basic idea!

Ciao for now!

Drawings galore in Batu Karas, Java

For two days here in Batu Karas, Java, there has been NO INTERNET! What a disaster! So I’m writing this over breakfast in a little cafe by the beach and I’ve got lots to update you on! First thing’s first, my comic strip journal for the past two days.

surfing in Batu Karas
Sun, sea and surf in Batu Karas 

The little cafe here, Popeye Resto, serves the BEST food. Everything we’ve ordered has been fantastic which is just as well as eating is one of our main activities!

batu karas
Popeye Resto, Batu Karas

Yesterday I was on my own for a lot of the day as Sam was surfing, so I had got a lot of reading and drawing done – my idea of a perfect day!

surfing in Batu Karas
Another typical day at the beach
You may remember this photo from my last post? Well, I really liked the way the surfboards were all stacked together under the trees so I decided to draw it.

surfing in Batu Karas
Surf Boards – Batu Karas Beach

First I started with the outline…

surfing in Batu Karas
 Then I added the shading with hatching. I was going to paint it but I quite like it as it is.

surfing in Batu Karas
Here are a few pics from the beach.
Batu Karas beach
Batu Karas beach.

Sam would argue that this wave is too small, but I thought it made for a nice photo!

Batu Karas beach
Waves in Batu Karas

I noticed this bicycle just asking to be in an arty photo of the beach.

Batu Karas beach
Bike in Batu Karas

We took this photo on the beach and as it’s rare that we both look normal (well relatively) at the same time in photos, I decided it would be a perfect one to draw.

Batu Karas beach
I started yesterday but have a way to go yet…
Beginnings of my sketch

We saw quite a bit of wildlife yesterday! A praying mantis was definitely the highlight, followed closely by a hermit crab we pestered on the beach and a big dragonfly. There was also a butterfly that looked like a bat and a huge flying bug but I wasn’t quick enough with the camera to snap them!

How can a bug look so cute!

praying mantis
Praying mantis

This guy was quite feisty, it nipped Sam. I did a quick drawing when we got back to the bungalow.

Batu Karas beach
Crab on Batu Karas beach

pencil sketch
Little crab

I’d like to do a timelapse video of me doing a drawing like the one above, what do you think?

And finally, here’s the dragonfly.
pen sketch
Pen sketch of a dragonfly.

Hopefully I’ll be back soon with some more updates from Java, internet permitting!

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A day of surfing, sunbathing and sketching

Sam has been trying to convince me to have a go at surfing here because apparently, if I can’t do it here, I can’t do it anywhere! So, I plucked up the courage and today I had a go.

I came, I surfed, I conquered

I was pleased I managed to stand up and go along on a wave, but I still think it’s a lot of effort for just a few seconds of fun!

Every day we’ve been eating in either of the two little cafes right next to the beach. The banana pancakes for breakfast are fantastic, I really like the lemon tea too – great for the cold I have at the moment!

Lemon tea

Here’s the drawing I’ve been doing for a few mornings now, it’s coming along, just a few more mornings to go and I think it’ll be finished!

Garden sketch

The green pencil from the cheap pack I bought is a bit vibrant, so I toned it down a bit with black to keep the grass from looking too luminescent!

color pencil drawing
Almost finished…

Sam went surfing (in a thunderstorm!) this afternoon, so, as it was raining, I stayed in the bungalow and did a pencil drawing of the dog we saw yesterday. What do you think?

sketchbook page
Sketchbook page

 It was tricky taking a photo of the drawing, especially as the thunderstorm had made it so dark!

pencil sketch
Dog pencil drawing

Today’s Every Day in May challenge was to draw the inside of your closet. As I’m lacking a closet right now, I drew my rucksack!

We’re just waiting for our chicken and chips for dinner now so I’ll leave you with this photo of some surfboards…

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Today’s the day…we did nothing!

We’ve had a very relaxing day, doing nothing but sunbathing, reading and eating…lots of eating! The food here is amazing! Well, perhaps not amazing, but when you haven’t had chicken and chips for a while it tastes delicious, I can tell you!
comic strip journal
Today’s the day…we did nothing!

We’ve really being enjoying waking up early to make the most of the daylight as it get’s dark very early here. It’s so relaxing to sit on the veranda enjoying a cup of coffee first thing.

Coffee on the veranda every morning.
The veranda is a lovely place to chill out.
This morning, sitting right there, I did a little more of the drawing I started yesterday. As you can see, it still has a way to go. I think the pace of life here has slowed me right down, I seem to be even less productive with loads of time on my hands!

line drawing
Garden drawing coming along.

While we were eating lunch this little fellow was hanging around. It was his lucky day today, someone fed him a juicy bit of chicken which was left on their plate.

The Every Day in May challenge today was to draw something from a pet’s point of view. I thought it would be funny to imagine if I were a cat being picked up by a person. Sam was my willing (?) model for the face! 

Here, kitty kitty!

I drew this pen for the 10 Minute Warm-Up feature on Diana Evan’s blog. It was a very cheap purchase in a £1 shop but it’s been a trusty friend while we’ve been away so I thought it deserved a sketch!

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Sunbathing and drawing in Batu Karas

Well, what a relaxing day in Batu Karas! I’ve spent most of it sunbathing and reading a book while Sam’s been surfing and we went for a couple of walks too. Just had a great thunderstorm too (I love a good storm!).
comic strip
What holidays are all about

(Sorry about the quality of this photo, I would take another one but I’m seizing the opportunity to use the internet when it’s working quickly!)

We’re staying in a lovely bungalow with a great garden to sunbathe in.
Sunbathing in the garden
While I was sitting on the veranda I did a sketch of what I could see. I’m planning on colouring it in when I get around to it. It took quite a long time, there are a lot of lines going on there!
line drawing
Line drawing of the garden

What I was drawing

line drawing
The drawing and the view together

 Sam snapped this photo of me by the beach after a long sunbathing session!

I love the boats here, they’re all painted lovely colours and they look so interesting with all the fishing equipment in them. I’m going to have to sketch one while I’m here.

Batu Karas
Batu Karas

Here’s where I spent most of my day!

The beach in Batu Karas

I did a couple of sketches over the last few days which I couldn’t upload due to the internet speed so here they are now!

This one’s a strange one! The Every Day in May challenge for 26th May was ‘draw a screw’, so here’s mine.

line drawing
Draw a screw

While in the airport waiting for our flight I did another sneaky drawing of a fellow passenger. Nice headband!

I did a quick line drawing of my open bag. That dog-type thing is a cute pencil case which Sam gave me as a birthday present.

line drawing
Line drawing

I couldn’t be bothered to colour this next one in completely, so I settled for just shading the little platform thingy in the sea.

fishing Batu Karas
Fishing platform

line drawing
Page of my sketchbook

We’re just about to tuck into a delicious evening meal at a lovely beachside café, so I’ll leave you with one more photo snapped on the bus on the way here. Looks a lot like Vietnam we think!

Rice paddies in Java
Rice paddies in Java
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PPS. Sorry I haven’t replied to any recent comments, when I’ve got more reliable internet I promise I’ll write back to all of you!

A double whammy

Hello from Java! I didn’t get chance to post yesterday as we were travelling all day and now we’re here the internet is completely pants and uploading pictures is taking ages! I had lots of lovely photos of my sketches edited and ready to go but my plans have been foiled! So, for now, here are the last couple of days from my comic strip journal.

Yesterday was horrible, we spent most of the day on buses, squished in with people smoking, driving down really bumpy roads and with no air conditioning in the last bus. I’m not surprised I now have a cold!

18 Hours of non-stop puplic transport

Today has been a lot better. We reached Batu Karas where we’re going to be staying for the last couple of weeks of our 8 month adventure. It’s a small town with a good surfing beach, which Sam loves. The aim of these next two weeks for me is to chill out and get lots of drawing and crafting done!

Final destination – Batu Karas

I managed to upload one more photo, my Every Day in May contribution – the challenge today was, draw something sticky. I’m afraid mine isn’t very imaginative!

That’s all for now, over the next couple of weeks I’ll try to get online as much as possible to update my blog but it’s going to be difficult with the internet here!
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New art materials and and early night

This is going to be a very quick post today as we have to get up in the early hours of the morning for our flight to Java! I’m not sure what internet access I’ll have over the next few days but I’ll try and update my blog when I can.

comic journal
Last day in Malaysia

We had quite a lot of time waiting around today in between bus transfers. We took these photos in a moment of boredom!

Melaka Sentral
Waiting for the bus.

Melaka Sentral
Balanced load.

This morning, while Sam went out to try and find a rash vest for surfing in Java (which he couldn’t by the way), I had quite a lot of time on my hands. I decided to put it to good use to do today’s drawing for the Every Day in May challenge. Today’s subject was a ‘tote bag’. Initially I thought this would be really boring, but I quite like the way mine has turned out!

line drawing
Every Day in May – Draw a tote bag

While we were waiting for our washing to finish in the launderette I popped out to stock up on some new art materials to take to Java (just in case they don’t have shops, you know). Here are my purchases. The box is a set of cheap colouring pencils so I can add a bit of colour to my drawings!

art materials
New art shizzle.

Finally, just a quick plea to vote for my drawing in the Doodler’s Anonymous competition here. Just click on the little star next to my picture where it says ‘- faves’. Here’s (another) reminder of my entry.

That’s all for now, told you it was going to be a short one!
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