Over the past few weeks I’ve been working in my sketchbook a lot, so I thought I’d share some of my little paintings with you.

Last week we went to stay in a little house called Captain’s Cottage in Filey. We’ve never been up to Yorkshire before and really enjoyed exploring the little towns and villages along the coast.

I didn’t paint any of the scenery as I didn’t manage to take any reference photos I was happy with, and it was too cold and too difficult with the little Munchkin to stop for long enough to paint!

Watercolour paintings from our holiday

There were some lovely lamps in the house (bought from a French shop I believe). Munchkin loved to peep into the windows and imagine the ‘people’ inside! I thought I’d paint one to help save the memory.

Lighthouse watercolour illustration

In the painting below I was experimenting with using heavier pencil lines than I would normally, rather than outlining in ink. I like the way it looks more natural than ink, but I think I need to use a softer pencil next time to make the lines a bit darker. More experimentation needed!

Captain's Cottage Filey watercolour illustration

There were so many lovely little ornaments and decorations in the house, like the pretty hearts hung from the curtain pole and the little telescope standing in the window.

Captain's Cottage Filey watercolour illustration

I wanted to try painting glass, so one evening I sat down at the table and painted Sam’s beer bottle (empty of course!). I used masking fluid for the highlights and a white gelly roll pen to add a few extra highlights at the end.

Food illustration, watercolour beer bottle by illustrator Clare Willcocks

I did the rest of the illustrations below in the weeks before and after we went away. The chillies were painted partly from real life, and partly from a photograph, because I began the painting one day with a plate of them in front of me, then photographed it to finish the next day.

I can remember exactly what I was listening to while painting this – it was an audiobook version of a book series by Scott Westerfield called Uglies. I always find it funny that paintings help jog my memory of exactly what was going on around me in that moment!

Chillis food illustration by illustrator Clare Willcocks

Food illustrations: Doodlewash Challenge

I’m a member of an online art community called Doodlewash and have decided to dip in and out of their #worldwatercolorchallenge this month. The theme is ‘cornucopia’, celebrating food and a plentiful harvest! Here are some onion and potato food illustrations which I did as part of the challenge.

Onions and potatoes food illustration by illustrator Clare Willcocks

Watercolour Christmas card

For the local art group I go to, we’re all making a painted Christmas card to be given out like secret santa. This is my contribution, I got the idea and technique from this YouTube video. I’m pretty pleased with it so think I’ll scan it to make our Christmas cards this year!

Watercolour christmas card - baubles

Inktober round up

It’s a bit late, but here’s my completed Inktober collage. It’s the first time I’ve ever done it so I decided to go easy on myself and only do one small flower drawing each day. I’m glad I did, as even that was a challenge! If you’ve not heard of Inktober, it’s a fun drawing challenge each October with only one rule: you must use ink. You can see all of my Inktober drawings day by day on my Instagram. If you sign up to my newsletter, I’ll be sending out a copy of this FREE to all of my subscribers later in the week.

I really enjoyed watching my favourite artists’ YouTube videos of their Inktober drawings too.

Inktober floral collage

Introducing my art vlogs on YouTube

Finally, I’ve started tentatively uploading some art videos on my YouTube channel. So far I’ve posted a couple of of bullet journal videos and a speed painting of my son, during which I talk about my process and the decisions I’m making with colour etc. at each stage. I’ll make a blog post about this painting within the next few weeks.

I’d love you to pop on over to take a look and leave me a comment with your thoughts! Please subscribe if you enjoy the videos as I’ll be making more very soon.

Thanks for reading to the end, this was one long post today!


What a lovely sketchbook you have, I enjoyed every single painting! I am not meticulous enough to have a sketchbook (well, I do have one, but not use it too often) so I really admire artists that have one. Painting straight into the canvas images that you have in your head doesn’t always pay off! This could be my new year’s resolution: to try and sketch something every day :).

That’s a great idea Teodora, having finished inktober I know it’s definitely a challenge and would really help make improvements/develop a style I think. Thank you for your lovely comment! 🙂

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